Tracking Keywords and Updating Content

In this episode, Corinne and Christina sat down with Aleka Shunk, of Blogging with Keywords to discuss the “key” to tracking keywords and managing content.

Image of Aleka Shunk with text that reads, "Tracking Keywords and Updating Content."

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why tracking keywords is important to grow your website.
  • How to interpret keyword data to make smart decisions.
  • How to do keywords research from scratch.
  • Why a search tool is needed.

Episode 108: Tracking Keywords and Updating Content

About Guest

Aleka is the founder of the food blog Aleka’s Get-Together and has a Master’s Degree in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum. After researching keywords ineffectively for over two years, she finally figured out how to find the right keywords that allowed her to rank on the first page of Google tripling her organic search traffic in under four months.

Aleka then took her expertise as both a food blogger and teacher to create ‘Cooking With Keywords’, a keyword research school to help other bloggers increase their organic search traffic.

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What’s Next

Be sure to check out whats cookin’ with Aleka’s new course: Keyword Research for Food Bloggers.

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